Policies & Procedures

The policies we have adopted explain how we make decisions, our views on particular matters and the procedures we follow.

Our policy document is available for download.

Child Protection Policy

We recognise our responsibilities to make arrangements for ensuring that we have regard to the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people and to preserve their rights while engaged in Council activities or using Council facilities.  This policy explains how we will do this.

Complaints Policy

While we always try to get things right, on rare occasions we might not achieve this. You may be dissatisfied with something we have, or have not, done and this policy explains how we will deal with any complaints in relation to our administration and procedures.

Data Protection Policy

We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office as a data controller as we hold personal information about individuals.  This policy explains how we deal with the information we hold.

Disciplinary Policy

As an employer we have adopted a policy which sets out how we will deal with any disciplinary issues with our employees.

Dispensation Policy

Councillors must register certain interests.  Where their interests affect any matter under consideration they take no part in making decisions.  On occasion, sometimes councillors may request a dispensation and this policy explains how these will be dealt with. 

Equal Opportunities Policy

We aim to ensure that all the services we provide are available to everyone and free from discrimination.

Filming & Broadcasting Policy

We acknowledge that legislation allows any member of the public to take photographs, film and audio record the proceedings and report on all public meetings.

Grievance Policy

As an employer, we have adopted a policy which sets out how any grievance issues with our employees will be dealt with. 

Grants & Donations Policy

We receive many requests for grants and donations from a variety of worthy causes.  Unfortunately we cannot provide financial support to everyone and this policy explains how we try to encourage and support projects which benefit local residents.

Internal Audit Policy

As we are funded mainly through public money, we have policies and procedures in place to ensure that the funds we hold are managed properly.  The process of internal audit assists us in ensuring that we are doing so.

Media Policy

This policy explains how we may work with the media.

Recruitment Policy

This policy explains the process we follow when we recruit new employees.

Vulnerable Persons Policy

We are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all members of our community and this policy explains how we aim to do this.

(pdf document, 44 pages, 1129kb)