The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities was issued to meet the Government's desire to increase democratic accountability. The publication of items in the Code provides the local electorate and council tax payers with a clear picture of the activities of the Parish Council.

Spending over £100

Details of all our spending can be found in our accounts which are reported to monthly meetings of the Council.  This information can be found on the Agendas & Minutes page of the website.

End of year accounts

Our end of year accounts can be found on the financial information page.


Annual Governance Statements

Our Annual Governance Statements can be found on our financial information page.

Internal audit reports

Our internal audit reports can be found on our financial information page.


Details of parish councillors can be found on the councillors page.

Public land and building assets

Details of land and buildings owned by the Council are recorded in our asset register.

Agendas, minutes and supporting papers

Agendas, minutes and supporting papers for all of our meetings can be found on the Agendas & Minutes page.

Council structure and responsibilities

The Council consists of 11 members, or councillors. There are 3 seats for the Cornsay ward which includes Cornsay and Cornsay Colliery, and 8 seats for the Hamsteels ward.

Councillors are elected every four years.

Parish Clerk

The Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council and deals with the administration of the Council’s affairs including arranging meetings, preparing agendas and writing the minutes of meetings, as well as providing advice and guidance. The Clerk is also the Council’s Responsible Financial Officer and maintains the Council’s accounts.

The Clerk works 6 hours per week.


The Chairman chairs Council meetings and works closely with the Clerk setting agendas and dealing with urgent matters between meetings. The Chairman also attends various functions and events on behalf of the Council. 

The current Chairman of the Council is Councillor Duncan Robb.

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman deputises for the Chairman in his or her absence. 

The current Vice Chairman of the Council is Councillor Liz Manning.


The Personnel Committee is responsible for the recruitment of staff in line with the Council’s Recruitment Policy and considers any matters in relation to staff such as disciplinary or grievance issues.

The Committee consists of 3 Members, the quorum being 3 and meets as and when required.

Outside bodies

The Council does not currently appoint any representatives to outside bodies.