On these pages you can find out more about how we work, our finances and what we've been doing.


Elections to the Council take place every 4 years, with the next being due in 2021.  

We currently have a number of vacancies for councillors.

Financial Information

Most of our funding comes from our Parish Precept which forms part of the Council Tax paid by properties within the Parish. 

We publish a range of financial information so that you can see what we've been spending and the outcomes of our annual audits.

Freedom of Information

We are covered by the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  This give people the right of access to information we hold, subject to certain exemptions.

You can find a lot of information on our website, but our FOI Publication Scheme provides details of the information available and how it can be obtained.

You can download our Publication Scheme below. 

Policies & Procedures

We have adopted a range of policies and procedure which explain how we work, make decisions and how we deal with various matters.

Parish Plan

The Cornsay Parish Plan was produced in 2003 and is based primarily on the views of local people from the Parish. It aims to provide an overview of people’s views on their local community to inform service provision and future developments to the communities of the Parish.

The Parish Plan also provides evidence of local people’s views, needs and issues that can inform future developments by potential funders, service providers and planners, and is intended to be used to support the work of local groups, agencies and associations in developing projects and funding bids to meet the needs identified through the Parish Plan consultation process.

The Parish Plan can be downloaded below.

Register of Interests

Our Code of Conduct lists a number of interests which councillors have to register. The Register is publicly available and further information can be obtained by contacting our Clerk. 

Standing Orders, Financial Regulations & Code of Conduct

Our Standing Orders set out how we operate and the Financial Regulations are the rules which govern how we deals with our finances.

The Code of Conduct covers Councillors when they are taking part in Council business, and all Councillors must agree to abide by it following their election.


In line with our responsibilities under the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities, we make a range of information available on our website.